Zevo Flying Insect Fly Trap (1 Device + Refill) Featuring Blue And UV Light To Attract Flying Insects

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  • Zevo fly trap, fruit fly trap, and gnat trap attracts pesky flying insects in your home.
  • No odors or messes! Use in any room in your home where flying insects are seen.
  • Removable refill cartridges available for year round protection.
  • Blue and UV light attracts flying insects.
  • Traps flying insects on disposable adhesive backing.
  • For best results, check every 15 days and replace trap cartridge as needed

The Zevo Indoor fly trap attracts flying insects (houseflies, fruit flies, and gnats) with specially designed blue and UV LEDs. Captures flying insects onto an adhesive backing that you never have to touch. Use throughout your home in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and living spaces for 24/7 continuous attraction. Great for use in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and living spaces or near sources of food such as fruit bowls, bananas, apples, strawberries, trash cans, doors, house plants, etc.

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Dimensions 23.7998 × 17.78 × 19.2024 cm

1.96 lb


Procter & Gamble




Remove refill from trap. 2. Peel off backing in a continuous motion where it says pull here, and discard. 3. Replace refill into trap by sliding into position. 4. Plug the trap into an indoor electrical outlet. For best performance, keep plugged in. Trap rotates 90 degrees for your convenience. To rotate the plug, hold the front of the unit upright in one hand, grasp both metal plug blades in the other hand and rotate these blades about the center of the plug to which the blades are mounted. For Best Results: Place traps in outlets that are easily accessed by flying insects and close to where you commonly see them. If not enough insects are captured, try changing the location. The blue light indicates it's working. Replace refill cartridge when it is full of insects. Check it every 15 days or as needed. This package contains one cartridge. Refill cartridges are sold separately.

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