Pull-Ups Girls’ Potty Training Pants Size 6, 4T-5T

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  • Pull-Ups potty training pants size 6 (4t-5t) fit toddlers 38-50 lb. (17-23 kg)
  • Potty training underwear feature easy-open sides for quick and easy changes, plus allow you to customize child’s waistband
  • Fun music designs feature exclusive Minnie Mouse graphics that fade when wet to help your child learn potty training & motivate to stay dry
  • Training pants with all-around coverage & fit like underwear with outstanding protection where your child needs it most
  • Easy potty training with soft, stretchy sides that little hands can move up & down easily to promote Big Kid independence
  • Make potty training fun with Disney character calls, your Big Kid’s potty personality and more
  • 17
  • 60
  • 82
  • 99

Pull-Ups Training Pants make toilet training Fun, Quick and Simple! Pull-Ups offer superior protection and complete coverage with plush, pliable sides that suit like knickers. These training trousers have open sides for fast and simple adjustments, allowing you to keep your toddler’s pants and shoes on. In addition, the adjustable sides allow you to customise your child’s waistband and check for accidents with ease! Encourage your toddler’s sense of independence with training pants that can be easily pulled up and down, allowing him or her to feel like a Big Kid. Each bundle includes two exclusive Minnie Mouse-themed musical designs. To encourage your child to remain dry, the instrument graphics diminish when damp. Tell your child how Minnie Mouse enjoys making music, and how he or she can help keep the melody running! Creating music with Minnie Mouse is brought to life by interactive digital tools and entertaining accessories, such as an inside-the-box colouring mat and decals. When your infant is ready to begin toilet training, Pull-Ups can be of assistance. Visit pull-ups.com for toilet training resources and expert advice. We have trained sixty million Big Kids and counting!* Girls’ Pull-Ups Training Pants come in sizes 2T-3T (16-34 lb), 3T-4T (32-40 lb) and 4T-5T (38-50 lb). (*US & CA)

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17, 60, 82, 99


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