Dixie Ultra Disposable Paper Bowls, 20 oz

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You won’t have to worry about bowls bending, food leaking out, or sauces soaking through when you serve your favourite dishes in heavy-duty Dixie Ultra disposable paper bowls. These reinforced paper bowls can withstand everything you throw at them. And, with its appealing appearance and creative designs, Dixie Ultra is an excellent substitute for using (and cleaning) actual dishes. You’ll love the ease and peace of mind that Dixie Ultra gives whether you’re hosting a holiday feast, arranging a party, or just barbecuing in the backyard. Dixie Ultra plates and bowls are microwaveable, cut resistant, recyclable*, and have a Soak Proof Shield to handle all varieties of cuisine, including crowd-pleasers like chilli, soup, one-pot dinners, sauce-heavy entrees, and more. You may rely on them while entertaining family or friends or organising a special event or celebration. The Orthodox Union certifies all Dixie-branded paper bowls, cups, and plates made at Georgia-Pacific plants as kosher. Stock up now! *If you have access to a recycler that accepts paper items with food residue, you may recycle Dixie Ultra plates and bowls. Such amenities may not be available in your location.

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